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Personal Debit Card imgDebit Cards

Debit cards work like cash or a personal check, but are safer than carrying cash, and usually easier and faster than writing a check.

Would you like the option of having your everyday debit card purchases or ATM withdrawals covered if you find yourself in an overdraft situation? Click here for an opt-in form.


Why are debit cards so appealing?

Debit card enthusiasts like the pay-as-you-go concept — the convenience of a credit card, without interest payments or a bill to pay monthly.


  • Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) can be found nearly everywhere.
  • Debit cards are more readily accepted than checks, particularly when traveling.
  • Checkout’s quicker — no need for check approval or to show identification.
  • No interest charges.
  • You can use your debit card to get cash back when you make a purchase at a store. More tips for successful debit card management.

With your card, comes unlimited, free ATM/debit transaction usage — unlike some banks where you may not pay a monthly fee, but you are limited to a specific number of monthly transactions you can perform, or they charge you to use an ATM machine not owned by your bank (usually called “foreign ATM fees”).

First American Bank is a member of the Privileged Status Network.  ATM machines with this symbol will not charge you a fee.

Priviledged Status ATM

Also, in Florida, ATM transactions in all Publix store machines are fee-free.


During business hours, immediately call your First American Bank location.

After hours, call Shazam at 1.800.383.8000 — then notify your First American Bank location the next business day.


Traveling With Your Debit Card:

Printable wallet-size reminder of important steps to take.

  • If you plan to use your debit card while traveling, we recommend alerting your local First American banker prior to departure. This information does not mean that your debit card may not be blocked for security purposes. But, having that information available may help us if Shazam is unable to reach you and we must make a decision about your debit card.
  • Double check the telephone numbers on file at your First American Bank. We rely on accurate telephone information in the event either we or Shazam need to call you to verify transactions. If your telephone numbers are incorrect, and we cannot reach you, your card may be blocked for your protection. This can create difficulty, especially if you are far from home.
  • In the event your card is blocked for security purposes, either at home or away, simply call Shazam’s fraud department’s toll-free direct dial: 1-866-508-2693. If a questionable purchase should be flagged, they will be able to reactivate your card immediately upon receiving your verified authorization.
    You may also use the Shazam number printed on the back of your debit card — but please remember to request the fraud department.
  • If you are calling from your cell phone from outside of the United States, please call 1-515-558-7608.

    Should you prefer, during banking hours, you can also call your First American Bank to approve the transactions in question; we can contact Shazam for you to unblock your card. 
  • Always carry an alternate payment method. We will do all in our power to help you when you run into payment difficulties, but having multiple options for payment at all times is a wise idea, especially when traveling.

Learn more about added protection for your debit card.

Debit Cards and Teens

Having a bank account is a big step toward financial maturity. A common and popular way for young people to access their money is by using a debit card. Stuff you need to know so you don’t get into trouble with plastic.