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Personal CDs imgCertificates of Deposit

One of the biggest questions customers face is “What do I do with my cash?” Maximize the earning power of your savings with complete safety with First American Bank Certificates of Deposit (CDs). Similar to savings accounts CDs are FDIC- insured and virtually risk-free — truly “money in the bank!”

CDs differ from a savings account in that they are a fixed term investment.  When you purchase a CD, you agree to lend money to the bank for a certain amount of time — so they in turn can lend to others in the community. In exchange, the bank pays you a predetermined rate of interest. (That is why there’s a penalty fee applied if the money is withdrawn before the CD matures.)

Getting a CD is easy. Simply tell your banker you’d like to “buy a CD”. You’ll be given a simple form with some disclosures, and we move the money into the CD for you. You don’t need an actual certificate — you’ll just see a new category for the deposit on your statements*. Then you start earning interest.

Maturities on CDs can range from one month to five years. The interest rate increases in proportion to the time you’ve agreed to leave the money. When your CD matures you have a window of time (10 days) to decide what to do next. If you don’t give us alternate instructions, we’ll automatically reinvest into a new CD for the same length of time.

Please stop by your local First American Bank office or call your personal banker for current rate information.

*Are you still getting an old fashioned paper statement? Ask about the safer, more convenient way to track your accounts: eStatementsSM.