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First American Bank Home Mortgage is well established in our communities and within the real estate industry. People trust us to see their loans through beginning to end, and know they’ll get honest, realistic answers and guidance from our
dedicated staff.

Our resources fit both the first-time homebuyer as well as the mature customer who may be making home decisions for estate planning purposes. We offer clients many lending options, and search for the best rates and programs from among many lending sources.

While an interest rate is important, it is only one of many elements of a sound mortgage decision. That’s why shopping for a mortgage can be confusing… and even intimidating. Think of your mortgage as a puzzle. Your home financing picture won’t be complete until all the pieces have been put together — and they must fit correctly for you to receive the best plan for you. That’s where we come in. We make complex loan information understandable and transparent.

Few lenders have the advantage that we do. First American Bank’s in-house FHA and VA loan underwriters reduce the time it takes to prepare your mortgage terms.

Our online application is easy to access, user-friendly and eliminates paperwork. Or, contact one of our mortgage originators to learn more.